Are children allowed?

Yes, but we recommend 13 years old and above. No unaccompanied youths allowed.

We do not charge for infants, but be aware that Fire Codes will not allow children to be carried in the Haunts, not do we allow strollers in the Haunts.


Is there parking available?

The Alameda County Fairgrounds has well over 10,000 parking spaces and charges for parking. POE receives no income from the parking revenues! No charge for drop offs. Also parking available in nearby business lots.


Do you use strobe lights?

Yes, and lots of them. Lots of smoke also, if

you have issues with that medium.


Are costumes allowed?

Yes. However no masks


Are you in a Mall?

NEVER! We are on 6 acres of the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. Mall haunts simply cannot do what we accomplish in atmosphere, huge compound and lots of fire! Try that in a mall 🙂


Is it scary?

Our Themed Park is where your worst nightmares become real. As you enter the Adventure, you enter a world of suspense and terror. The only thing on your mind will be your survival.


Will the pirates touch me?

The theory is that if you don't touch them, they won't grab you. Bear in mind that this is a work in progress and doesn't always go according to plan! Of course, in the darker areas, something may accidentally bump into you but our cast members will probably not grab you. You may be grabbed by one of the members of your own group who is too terrified to continue without your help.


Is there a 'Good Fairy' to accompany the scaredy cats?

Nope. If you are too afraid to continue, someone will have to carry you out.


Are you affiliated with a non-profit organization?

We have partnered and made donations to the Tri-City Volunteers, a local organization helping those in need, Ohlones College Foundation, Fremont Police D.A.R.E. program, Bayside Flyers, Boy Scouts of America, Cal State Hayward, San Jose State University, Thornton Baptist Church, Fremont Unified School District, Mission San Jose HS, Washington HS, Irvington HS, Mt. Pleasant HS, Milpitas HS, University of Calif-Berkeley and Northern California Special Olympics.


Can I bring my kids?

You can bring all of the kids you want, but remember that we provide an EXTREMELY frightening adventure that may not be suited for those of an impressionable age.


Is there a discount for children?

No. Our shows are designed to be equally terrifying for children and adults. A child uses the same 3D glasses, the same space in line and the same scare activation as an adult. Add to those facts that most children will be too scared to continue, it then takes a cast member to escort them to the exit. So actually we should charge more!


Are you handicapped accessible?

All of our haunted attractions are, but bear in mind that we are located on a gravel parking lot and your chair will have to maneuver through the gravel to each attraction. Any stairs encountered will have a wheelchair bypass nearby that staff should direct you to. We try to be ADA compliant plus a staff member can accompany your group if desired.


Is it as good as last year?

Yes! Believe it or not, we love to scare you. It's fun for us so we virtually spend all year designing and building new settings and effects for your pleasure. If you liked us last year, you'll love us this year!


Is the Haunt nothing more than black walls and monsters jumping out?

Blasphemy! At the Pirates of Emerson Haunted Themed Park you are actually IN the various exotic scenes. We design our sets, rooms, and environment to appear more than real. We try to create an atmosphere where our guests can escape the reality of the outside world. Most of our time building the Haunt is spent designing and decorating so that we can provide a unique and interesting environment for our actors to jump out and scare the &%** out of you.


Can I bring my cell phone?

Sure, but be aware that we will NOT stop to look for lost cellphones (or most anything else). If we happen to find them, they will be available at the ticket window the NEXT NIGHT we are open.


Is photography allowed?

Sorry, but no flash inside any of the haunted houses. There are many reasons for this including that a flash or strobe will temporarily blind our actors, it disrupts the other guest's experience, pausing to take pictures slows down the line behind you and infrared will probably show you areas we don't particularly want you to see!


If I'm too scared can I get a refund?

We have a no refund policy. You have paid for us to scare you. If you are so scared that you have to leave the haunt early and not go on then we have done our job. If we have done our job then there is no reason for a refund.


How can I get more information?

If you have a question that was not answered here, email us at





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