POE Calendar 2021

General Admission $36.50

This ticket will give you access to all of our Haunted Events.

Speed Pass Admission $56.50

Speed Pass Ticket holders have their own entrance lines, which are generally much, much shorter than General lines. These are normally only needed on busy weekends.

V.I.P. Admission $76.50

A VIP ticket is like a super Speed Pass Ticket. You not only have access to all of the Speed Pass lines, but you can also go thru the Haunts as many times as you like (time permitting) in a night!

LandLubber Admission $10.00

LandLubber ticket holders will gain access to the compound ONLY. No Haunted Houses included. You can enjoy the ambiance, entertainment and listen to the music. This ticket was created for those chaperoning a group and members of your party who are too scared to go into the Haunted Houses!

Note that for 2021 we are back to a WALK THRU thru event.

Capacity limitations mean tickets will probably again sell out early, like last year.

Don't miss out - buy early!

Tickets are time based, so be prepared to select not only the date, but which time period works for you. This is the time period which you will be allowed to enter the queue line area, not necessarily the Haunted Houses.

Be very vigilant if purchasing tickets from the secondary market. We had to turn away many holders of fraudulent tickets last season. BUYER BEWARE

*Click on the flashing BUY TICKETS BUTTON (above) to make an online purchase. All sales final, no refunds. Tickets are transferable.


This attraction reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. You will experience intense audio, lighting, extreme low visibility, strobe lights, fog, damp or wet conditions, moving floors, special effects, sudden actions, and an overall physically demanding environment. You should NOT ENTER this attraction if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, are prone to seizures, have physical ailments, respiratory or any type of medical problem, are pregnant or suffer any form of mental issue including claustrophobia.

DO NOT ENTER: the attraction if you are intoxicated, wearing any form of cast, medical brace, using crutches, or have any type of physical limitations. Do not enter the attraction if you are taking medication or using drugs of any type. You will not be admitted if any of these conditions are noticed by our staff.


DO NOT smoke, run, eat or drink inside the attraction. Additionally there is no touching of the actors, customers, or props inside the attraction. No video or flash photography may be taken inside the attraction. You will not be admitted and asked to leave the property if any of rules are not followed.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! Your ticket is a revocable license and may be taken and admission refused. Holder of this ticket understands that there is inherent risk involved with attending this attraction. Holder voluntarily assumes all risks and dangers associated with participation in this attraction. In consideration and acceptance of entrance into this attraction holder agrees to release the operator, it's parent corporations, affiliates, officers, directors and employees and landlord from any liability, harm, injury or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly, from attending this attraction or any of the attractions at this location



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